Thoughts and experiences on various topics: puzzles, games, AI, collaboration, music, politics, and whatever else is on my mind


My intent is to use this blog to share my thoughts and experiences (accumulated over 60+ years and counting!).  Since I have a very broad range of interests, this blog will span many topics.  My main interests are related to puzzles and games (I’m a designer, collector, and avid solver).  I also have a long-standing interest in artificial intelligence and machine learning.  Other interests include programming, computer science, psychology, education, philosophy, music, politics, and spirituality.   I’ll probably write on many of these topics, given enough time and space…

It is often said that writing is a great way to clarify one’s thinking (The same is said about teaching!). In addition to sharpening my own thinking and understanding, I hope that perhaps some of what I write might find its way to interested readers, and spark some  interesting dialog, and mutual learning!

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