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Promissory Notes

This is a quick preview of some of the topics I intend to explore in future posts (a promise to myself and my readers):

My (brief) Life History  – to fill out a picture of who I am, my life trajectory, and formative experiences.

The power of Collaboration – in learning, education, problem-solving, knowledge-sharing, science, and engineering.

My favorite Logic Puzzles

What makes a good puzzle?

Approaches to fundamental AI research

… and much more, I’m sure


Introductory Notes

Greetings. This is a note of introduction. My name is Glenn A. Iba (I use my middle initial because A.I. is one of my intellectual interests, and also because it turns out there is a Glenn E. Iba who is not me).

This is my first time blogging, so forgive me if things seem a bit rough at first.

Who Am I?
Briefly, I am a 60-yr old male  (born July 4, 1952) who grew up in Hershey, PA, went to college at MIT (SB ’74, SM ’79), worked as both a teacher and researcher in AI/machine learning, and fathered 3 wonderful and talented children. My passionate interests are: puzzles and games, AI/machine learning, and music. Other strong interests include: math, programming, philosophy, education and politics. I’ll tell you more about me in future posts, but in the meantime you can visit Glenn Iba’s home page to learn a bit more.

I currently live in Lexington, MA, and do free-lance design of puzzles and games, especially focusing on smartphones. [Check out my Monorail logic puzzle app by IBA Puzzles, available for both iPhone and Android]

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